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UK CAA issues new prohibited items guide
Tuesday, 09 June 2009

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published updated guidelines advising passengers what they may and may not take on board an aircraft and how they should behave during the flight.

Dangerous goods that must not be taken on board are:

• Explosives, such as fireworks, flares, toy gun caps;
• Gases, such as culinary blowtorches, camping or compressed gas cylinders, tear gas, mace or CS gas devices;
• Flammable materials such as petrol, lighter fuel, paint, thinners, non-safety matches, firelighters;
• Poisons, such as weed-killers and insecticides; and
• Corrosives, such as filled car batteries.

Goods that may be carried by passengers include:

• Gas-powered hair curlers (one per person), provided the safety cover is fitted at all times. Separate refills are not permitted;
• Safety matches or a single lighter when carried on the person. One lighter per person may be carried through central search. Lighters form part of the passenger allowance permitted in the one litre capacity transparent bag and can either be placed inside the bag or screened separately. It is very important that passengers do not place the lighter into their cabin bag after screening – it must be carried on their person for the duration of the flight. Separate lighter refills are not permitted; and
• Battery-powered wheelchairs may be carried by passengers subject to certain safety conditions, including ensuring the battery is securely attached to the wheelchair, protecting the battery and chair from short circuiting and ensuring that the wheelchair cannot become switched on during transport. Passengers should contact their airline in advance to check whether special conditions apply.

By : Travelinfo
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