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Dubai & bad behaviour
Monday, 23 March 2009

DUBAI could start clamping down on tourists who flout the country's social restrictions.

According to new behaviour guidelines published last week in the emirate's local media, existing suggestions for modest dress and decorum in public places may be more strictly enforced and even lead to arrests and fines.

Although known as one of the more relaxed Gulf states, Dubai has long advised its visitors to dress modestly and refrain from kissing or canoodling in public places.

A British couple who were caught having sex on the beach last year learned to adhere to this advice the hard way when they were given a prison sentence, which was later replaced with a fine and deportation.

The new guidelines published last week take the previous suggestions on appropriate public behaviour a step further by including a ban on playing loud music and dancing in public, drinking alcohol outside licensed venues and swearing or displaying "rude gestures".

Private resorts and hotels will most likely remain "free zones", as the new rules seem to be aimed at public places such as the mega malls and entertainment parks frequented by tourists.

By : TIR
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