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Bomb blasts at Zanzibar’s tourist sites
Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Concerns about safety in Zanzibar have surfaced following three separate explosions in Stone Town, Zanzibar, earlier this week.

Two blasts took place in the Mkunazini market area near the Anglican cathedral, a historic building in the heart of Stone Town. The other blast occurred at the seafront Mercury's restaurant and bar, a favourite spot for tourists. According to local police nobody was hurt by the explosions.

The Commissioner of Police for Zanzibar, Hamdani Omari Makame, said: "Security patrols are at maximum strength and a joint effort by all Tanzanian law enforcement agencies is underway to ensure that there are no recurrences and the culprits are apprehended."

Tour operators packaging Zanzibar have said there is no real threat to the safety of tourists. A spokesperson for Wild Frontier said the operator’s ground handler is monitoring the situation closely but felt these were isolated incidents.

Lance Zackey, spokesperson for Rove Africa, said Rove Africa was monitoring the situation and would advise guests if they felt there were any serious safety concerns. The operator has also advised travellers to rather not overnight in Stone Town for the next week or two until they have clarity on the situation. He added that Rove Africa’s DMC assured the operator that beach resorts were safe.

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