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EK to fly A380 to India
Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Emirates has welcomed the decision by the Indian government to lift the ban on A380s into the country. A spokesperson for Emirates told eTNW the airline was reviewing its existing operations and was looking forward to serving Indian travellers with the A380 in the near future. “Our A380 aircraft is extremely popular with our customers, and it is also efficient to operate in terms of fuel consumption and emissions – these are all-round benefits,” he said.

The decision to allow airlines to fly the superjumbo to India was announced in a statement on Monday by Ajit Singh, India’s Union Minister for Civil Aviation. Till now, the Indian government has always resisted A380 landings in the country, reportedly to protect the country’s state airline.

Lufthansa has also welcomed the Indian Government's move but said it had no immediate plans to bring in this aircraft on this route. “Lufthansa will thoroughly examine the opportunities but currently has no concrete plans for immediate flight operations of this aircraft type to and from India...India is one of Lufthansa’s most important intercontinental markets and the only large aviation market that had restricted the A380," the airline said in a statement.

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