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Where can South Africans travel visa free?
Thursday, 31 October 2013
According to world visa requirements, South Africa fares best among African countries when it comes to the number of countries we can travel to without a visa – 94.

The results are published in an interactive infographic that shows the countries in different colours, depending on the visa requirements. Afghanistan, for example, is shown in deep red, with travellers from that country only able to travel to 28 countries without a visa.

Kenya (68), Tanzania (65), Zambia (66), Zimbabwe (60), Botswana (70) and Namibia (68) are depicted in a lighter yellow and are closest to South Africa in numbers of countries their citizens can travel to without a visa. Other African countries vary, with Sudan at the lowest end of the scale at 38 countries. 

Interestingly, South Africa is closest to Russia in terms of numbers. Russians can visit 95 countries visa-free. 

The USA, Germany and Sweden are at the top of the list with 172, 172 and 173 countries respectively.
By : etnw
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