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SACAA shocked by un-airworthy aircraft claims
Friday, 18 October 2013
The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has released a statement expressing its shock and disappointment with reports across the media that only 42% of aircraft on the SA Register have Certificates of Airworthiness. 

Several media reports on October 16 claimed that, of the 12 500 aircraft registered in South Africa, only 5 300 had been issued with certificates.

Setting the record straight, SACAA explains that, while it is true that only 5 300 Certificates of Airworthiness have been issued by SACAA and that there are 12 500 aircraft in the register, not all of the aircraft in the register require such a certificate. Regulations for 
Certificates of Airworthiness depend on the type of aircraft, where 50% of the aircraft in the register are Non-Type Certified Aircraft and do not require a Certificate of Airworthiness, only an Authority to Fly permit. 

“It is unfortunate that information that was responding to a set of questions from Parliament were read out of context without seeking further clarity from the SACAA,” the statement says.
By : etnw
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