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Changes to car-rental payments
Wednesday, 16 October 2013
 First Car Rental has changed the Pay on Arrival system from payment only, to payment and authorisation.

Instead of one full amount (payment and authorisation) being taken off the customer’s credit card at the start of a rental, the new Pay on Arrival plus authorisation amount will be split between payment and authorisation.

The payment amount is calculated with fuel deposits, full rental (if not prepaid) and additional items such as baby seats or cross borders. The payment amount will be taken off the customer's credit card on vehicle collection. Once the vehicle is returned, the difference between the balance owing and the payment amount taken will be refunded, which is usually the remainder of the deposit not used for fuel.

The authorisation amount is the equivalent of the renter's responsibility amount, which is the maximum the client is liable for in the event of damage to or theft of the rental vehicle. The authorisation amount will be held as an authorisation on the credit card upon vehicle collection, and will be auto-released if the vehicle is returned without damage.

The same credit card will be used for both the payment and authorisation amounts. 
By : etnw
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