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e-tolls to push up car rental prices
Monday, 14 October 2013
Car rental rates are expected to hike, following the passing of the e-tolls bill, which was signed into law on September 25.

E-toll tariffs are still to be decided, but they could push daily car hire rates up by around 10%. 

“Renters will need to expect a higher rental charge due to e-tolls,” says president of the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Agency (Savrala), Marc Corcoran.

He explains that both international and domestic renters will have to pay for e-tolls and that each rental company will need to determine how to bill clients.

Gauteng Tourism spokesperson, Barba Gaoganediwe, says the e-tolls will work like any other toll gate or traffic fine, and that tourists renting cars should simply be billed for these fees by the rental companies.

Marc explains that there are still major industry concerns, however, including that Savrala members are expected to pay for e-toll transactions within 48 hours, even though a renter may only pay the car rental company much later. 

The proposed toll tariffs have been published in the Government Gazette for public comment, which will be open for 30 days, from October 9. 

Marc adds that although Savrala remains opposed to e-tolls as a funding mechanism, its members have been installing e-tags in order to be legally compliant in the event that e-tolling proceeds.

Proposed e-toll tariffs per kilometre:
Class A1 (motorcycles): 35c/km standard, 18c/km e-Tagged
Class A2 (light vehicles): 58c/km standard, 30c/km e-Tagged
Class B (medium heavy): 145c/km standard, 75c/km e-Tagged
Class C (large heavy): 290c/km standard, 150c/km e-Tagged
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