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Virgin economy passengers to pay lower fuel charges
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Virgin Atlantic has become the first airline to announce that Economy class passengers will pay lower fuel charges than those travelling in premium class cabins. For the first time, the fuel charges will rise by different amounts depending on the class booked and the baggage allowance allowed. Virgin SA marketing manager Caren Parkinson says, “Jet fuel prices are at levels that challenge the very nature and structure of the entire airline industry and increases cannot be avoided. However, we have now decided to levy fuel charges depending on where you sit in the plane. Our Upper Class and Premium Economy passengers benefit from considerably more space on our aircraft and receive larger baggage allowances than our Economy class passengers. As a result our aircraft burns more fuel to carry them. The carbon footprint for Economy passengers is around half of those seated towards the front of the plane.” With effect beginning of June, fuel charges per sector applicable to all new bookings on Virgin Atlantic sold in the UK will increase as follows:
Economy - £2.50 on shorter sectors (to £65.50) and £4.50 on longer sectors (to £83.50).
Premium Economy - £12.50 on shorter sectors (to £75.50) and £16.50 (to £95.50) on longer sectors.
Upper Class - £22.50 on shorter sectors (to £85.50) and £28.50 (to £107.50) on longer sectors.
London to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Mauritius, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Hong Kong all constitute longer sectors.
By : Business Traveller
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