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The naked truth
Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that it will be installing security scanners at 10 US airports that can see through passengers’ clothing.

Randomly selected passengers departing from Washington, JFK, Los Angeles and other major airports will enter a glass booth to have three-dimensional images of their bodies taken using ‘millimetre waves’.

The technology is said to identify metal, plastics, ceramics, chemical material and explosives that might be concealed under a person’s clothing.

To ensure privacy, passengers’ faces will be blurred and the imaging technology has zero storage capability. Images will not be printed, stored or transmitted.

The Transportation Security Administration officer will view the image on stand-alone machine (vs. network) that is located in a remote area from the screening process.

According to the TSA, the new scanning is voluntary and passengers can choose between the body imaging and the pat-down.

By : Travelinfo
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