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Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe Update
Monday, 05 May 2008

IT’S business as usual for Victoria Falls product owners, says, a local campaign with stakeholders in the area. The tourism campaign says the area remains peaceful and is far removed from the current political turmoil of the city centres.

Concerns have been raised about the safety of the area since travel advisory revisions recommending that all but essential travel to the region be cancelled.

Stakeholders of, including airlines, accommodation providers, tourism authorities, tour operators and restaurants among others, have urged tourists to continue planned visits to the area, as it is self-sustained and largely unaffected by the ongoing political issues.

Says “We take this opportunity to assure our supply trade that the reality on the ground is that Victoria Falls remains 100% peaceful, calm and welcoming.“

The Zimbabwe Tourism Office confirms this, says Ndaipaneyi Mukwena, area manager Southern Africa. “Victoria Falls is situated far away from all the major activity centres and is purely a tourist destination.” She added that the area has tourist police, who help, guide, assist and protect visiting tourists.

Mukwena believes that the UK’s travel advisory advising tourists not to visit Zimbabwe is “unnecessary and unfortunate” and that there have been no reported incidents of violence in the area. She has been in contact with tour operators for the area and there has been no drastic decline in visitor numbers. “The people continue to go.”

By : Travel Info
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